Dog collar injury harmful dangerous

Stop doing this to save your dog’s life

You are most probably causing irreversible & serious injuries to your dog without even knowing it! Indeed, as a canine owner, one of your daily responsibilities is to walk your four-pawed companion. And as usual, you put on the dog collar and leash before going out on an adventure…

The problem is that, according to a recent study, a dog collar creates many issues, some of which are the following:

  • A Dog’s Epidermis is Thinner and more fragile than that of a human’s: 

Did you know that a dog’s skin is very similar to ours? Even though dogs are hairier than us, their skin is almost exactly the same as ours, except that the a dog’s epidermis is only 3-5 cells thick, whereas ours is 10-15 cells thick!

So now just take a second to imagine yourself with a collar around your neck. I bet that you can’t even imagine the pain that you’ll have to endure as someone pulls hard on the leash that’s attached to your collar to control your every move! Can you see what longterm effects this has on your throat? Well, it’s even worse for your dog since his/her skin is even more fragile. It will create continuous skin injuries, rashes, hair loss and infections as you relentlessly pull on your dog’s neck, every single day.

dog trachea diagram injury collapse collar danger

  • Constant pressure from the collar on your dog’s neck creates problems such as: 

  1. Increasing intraocular pressure (IOP), which leads to glaucoma, hence causing permanent vision loss due to damage caused to the eye’s optic nerve.
  2. crushing the trachea, which makes the dog cough due to suffocation (you’re choking your pet!).
  3. crushing the larynx, which creates difficulties for the dog to eat and swallow food. Normal sized kibble will end up getting stuck in the throat, leading to suffocation.
  4. causing thyroid disorder, also called hypothyroidism, which create many problems such as: intense long-lasting fatigue, abnormal coldness and hopthermia, loss of appetite, slow heart rate (bradycardia), increase in the level of blood cholesterol, joint and muscle pain, constipation, bulging eyes, etc…

dog collar injury danger trachea

So how do we avoid all of these problems? How do we prevent injuring our beloved furry companions?

It seems obvious that the answer lies in avoiding the use of dog collars. So this means that something else has to be used instead: a dog harness.

A dog harness has many benefits compared to a dog collar, one of the main benefits being the prevention of neck injuries.

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