What’s the Best Food for your Dog?

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When it comes to choosing the best food for dogs, most pet owners find it hard to determine which diet is best for their canine from a number of potential diets. What you feed your dog can make the difference between having a strong, healthy pup and a feeble one. This is why it is important to feed your pet what’s most appropriate to them.

How to brush your dog’s teeth?

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How to brush your dog’s teeth? Most of us seem to think that dogs’ teeth get cleaned up naturally. Unfortunately, dogs’ teeth are prone to plaque, bad breath, gum disease, tooth decay, and painful infections just like us! And, surprisingly enough, small dogs are more at risk at getting tooth decay than larger dogs. This […]

Why does your dog eat grass?

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Do you ever catch your dog grazing on grass although you have just fed them the best nutritious meal ever? You might wonder if you’re doing something wrong for them to behave this way! But don’t worry about it, according to pet professionals, eating grass is a very normal canine behavior. Although no one knows […]

How cold is too cold for your dog?

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Most people tend to think that dogs tolerate cold better than humans since they are furry creatures. Unfortunately, their fur coats do not protect them completely during the harsh cold. Yes, you read that right: pups are just as sensitive as people when temperatures drop! For instance, when temperatures drop below 50°F (10°C), small to […]

The Secret Language of Dogs

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The Secret Language of Dogs How do dogs communicate with their humans through body language? I have always wished that my dog Caramel would talk to me, especially when he spends long minutes just staring straight into my soul! But even though dogs cannot talk to us, they actually manage to communicate with us in […]

You’re Hurting Your Dog by Using A Dog Collar

Stop doing this to save your dog’s life You are most probably causing irreversible & serious injuries to your dog without even knowing it! Indeed, as a canine owner, one of your daily responsibilities is to walk your four-pawed companion. And as usual, you put on the dog collar and leash before going out on […]

The Benefits Of Using A Dog Harness

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The Benefits of Using a Dog Harness Any dog owner knows that it’s essential to be able to control his/her dog whenever they’re out for an adventure. Two of the most practical ways to do so is to use a dog collar or a dog harness. But which one is better for your dog? Here […]