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Do you ever catch your dog grazing on grass although you have just fed them the best nutritious meal ever? You might wonder if you’re doing something wrong for them to behave this way! But don’t worry about it, according to pet professionals, eating grass is a very normal canine behavior.

Although no one knows for sure why dogs behave in such a way, there are a few reasons that might explain this grass-eating behavior :

  • Grazing for fun or out of boredom:

    Some dogs just find it entertaining to happily munch on grass, without suffering from it. Even if your dog is eating a well-balanced meal, they might be eating grass to occupy their time, or just because they simply like the taste of it, just like how we like the taste of salad !

  • Nutritional Needs:

    Although you might be feeding your dog a full meal, they might still be craving certain nutrients that are found in plants. If you notice your dog munching away on grass or houseplants, then you might want to include natural herbs or cooked vegetables into their diet!

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  • Instinctive behavior to clean their stomach: 

    If you have a dog that eats grass to throw it up later on, then it is probable that your dog behaved in an instinctive way to induce vomiting after having eaten something that upsets their stomach.

    Dogs that do so usually swallow grass as quickly as possible, without even chewing it. It seems that long, unchewed pieces of grass tickle their throats to bring on the vomiting reaction. If you see you dog eating grass, throwing up, and then seeming fine, then you have nothing to worry about! Your pup has taken care of whatever has been bothering their stomach.

    But if on the contrary you see your furry companion retching and unable to throw up, or if they keep on eating grass and vomiting several times, it could be a sign of a more serious underlying illness that your dog is trying to self-treat, and this means that you should take them immediately to the vet.

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While grass-eating is considered as a natural canine behavior, you should keep a careful eye on the type of grass your dog is consuming. For instance, don’t let your pet eat anything that has been treated with pesticides or fertilizers! It will do them more harm than good.

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