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Why does your dog howl ?

Do you ever wonder why dog howls whenever they hear a distant siren or a musical instrument playing? It seems like it is a natural reflex for them the moment they start howling. It is as natural as a cough or a sneeze!

When dogs howl, they throw their head back and let everything out. It is both impressive and funny to watch!

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Below are a few reasons why we believe dogs howl:


Dogs, who are descended from wolves, still have many wolves-like characteristics. Wolves howl in order to communicate with other long-distance pack members. It is believed that wolves communicate locations, guiding other separated wolf members back to the pack for the night. It seems that this instinct has been passed down to dogs, who use howling whenever they feel the need to communicate with other dogs or people.

2. Dogs howl to bond with the pack:

It is also believed that dogs howl for pack-bonding. That is why when a dog hears howl-like noises, such as sirens, music, or their owner mimicking howling, their start howling back. The howl-like noise triggers the instinct in them to howl, although dogs know the difference between a real dog howl and a police car’s siren!

3. Dogs howl to call for help:

Dogs obviously howl to communicate with others. It is their way to express different kinds of emotions depending on how they howl. They may howl in an excited manner to attract your attention. And they may also howl to signal help if they’re trapped, injured, or scared. Howling is useful in this way because it travels long distances and can be heard from afar. Dogs are also capable of crying by emitting sad, long and mournful howls.

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4.Territorial presence:

Howling may be used in a similar way such as peeing to claim territory. Dogs howl to tell other dogs to stay away from their land!

Even though we enumerated the above reasons for dog howling, researchers admit that this behaviour still remains mystery to us up until today. But it is obvious that dogs are amazing creatures that love to express their emotions, and howling helps them to get their message through.

Now it’s your turn to tell us why you think your dog howls! Leave us a comment below.

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